Rikki is available for workshops as well as private lessons.

Flexibility - From the ground up and back again

We’ll get into those hips and open up those shoulders –  make friends with the walls and probably even some furniture. This workshop will focus on listening to your body and exploring both active and passive flexibility drills designed to build you a stronger backbend.

This is a beginner-intermediate workshop and will be beneficial for anyone looking increase their back mobility and flexibility

Aerial Hoop (lyra) - Rolls and Dynamic Movement

Tired of just hanging out? Then take the plunge into the exciting world of dynamic lyra and rolls. This workshop will help you safely explore letting go, and using your momentum to carry you. We will warm up our shoulders, core, and condition our various pits before banging them all to hell in this super brutal class. Say goodbye to your skin and hello to some epic new skills.


This workshop will be beneficial for beginner-intermediate aerial artists with strong shoulders.

No shoulder injuries. Wear pants and sleeves.

Handstands - Turn Your World Upside Down

Feeling that float? Trying to find that line? This workshop will give you drills and adjustments to help you build a stable lasting handstand. We’ll warm up your wrists and shoulders and get you in condition to take your inversions to the next level.

This workshop will be beneficial for beginner-intermediate hand-balancers.